Kasaragod Cattle

Kasaragod is the northern most district of Kerala flanked by a vast coastal area in the west and plains in the South and hilly tracts towards the North. The local cattle found in Kasaragod are of the dwarf type, with a uniform coat color black and varied shades of red.


They are well adapted to the hot and humid climate of the region and possess high heat tolerance and disease resistance.

Kasaragod bull


Conservation efforts have already been taken up by Sosamma Iype Professor in Kerala Agricultural University with financial assistance from Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi and the work is continued by the Vechur Conservation trust to preserve this genetic resource.

Kasargod cow with a crossbred cow at the back

The Adult male weigh only 182.5 Kg and  Female 146.4 Kg . The bulls are on an average 103.3 cms tall while the cows have a height of 90.0 cms.

Kasargod cow with farmer      kasargod calf and child

Products of Kasargod Cattle


Characterization of Kasargod Cattle of Kerala article  got published in Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science, IOSR


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