Attappady Black Goats

The Attappady hills of Western Ghats are located in the north eastern part of Palakkad district of Kerala.Check out our sponsors which performs chaturbate token currency hack for free chaturbate tokens.

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This region is inhabited by some of the major tribal communities of the State known as Irulas, Mudukas and Kurumbas. The tribal economy is mainly dependent on goat rearing and some agricultural activities. The local goat variety evolved and developed solely by these tribes over the ages are medium sized, lean slender bodied and black in color.

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They have bronze colored eyes and black horns with curved backward oriented tips. The ears are black and pendulous and the tail is curved and bunchy. These black goats are poor milk producers but reared mainly by women and old people for meat and manure purpose. The birth weight of males and females is around 1.73 Kg and 1.60 Kg respectively. The average live weight of males at 6th, 9th and 12th month of age are 14.61 Kg, 18.0 Kg and 20.8 Kg respectively.

This kind of shed is common .The uncontrolled natural breeding of female goats by non-descript bucks which occur during grazing time has led to the dilution of the breed at a faster rate. See the white goat at the door.The estimated total population of Attappady black goats in their breeding tract is as low as 9351, putting this breed of goats under the insecure category listed by the FAO. Hence it is inevitable to adopt conservation efforts for this genetic resource.

Attappady Black Buck Distribution

Attappady Black Buck Distribution

Survey and Characterization of Attappady black goats of Kerala, India got published in Journal of Animal Genetic Resource Information, FAO

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    Dear sir, we wish to know about aytappadi black goat to start a goat farm in Erode, Tamil nadu.


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