Ankamali Pigs

In Kerala the introduction and popularity of the exotic white pigs led the black pigs of Kerala to an endangered level. The scavenging practice was also a reason for the rejection of the local variety. But there have been some farmers who retained and bred the black pigs. The change towards more refined toilet system resulted in the cleaner feeding habits.

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The aversion towards the black pig has vanished. Not only that, the market trend for this pork has changed to the extent of becoming a high-priced delicacy on the dining table. But the scarcity is the problem requiring immediate attention. But one advantage with pigs is the shorter generation interval unlike cattle. Multiplication becomes quicker.Dr.Jayadevan spotted some good black pigs and the Vechur Conservation Trust has started a programme for Angamali pigs. Breeding inputs is being arranged by the Trust for the farmers joining the conservation project.

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  • October 3, 2016 at 2:52 am

    Could you share more about Angamali black pigs.I wish to know more about Angamali black pigs .


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