Our Mission

In an age where thousands and thousands of wild and domestic species are going in to the oblivion every year, saving the Vechur, the smallest cow in the world, from the brink of extinction, by a conservation programme in the Kerala Agricultural University, was a saga in conservation. Sosamma Iype, Professor of Animal Breeding and Genetics was instrumental in the initiation and conduct of the project. She had the help of a group of motivated students under the leadership of Anil Zachariah . It was a model of co-operation among academic and voluntary organizations in conservation efforts. The Vechur Conservation Association which was active from the beginning was registered as a public trust in 1998 called the Vechur Conservation Trust, dedicated to the cause of domestic animal diversity conservation.

Vechur Conservation Trust
The association of students, teachers and public since 1988 and continued through years was transformed as a Vechur conservation trust in 1998 by legally registering it.

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Latest Events

National Conference on Native animals For the Future of Mankind On July 7-8,2014 at Hosana Mount, Bharananganam, Pala, Kerala National Conference on Native livestock breeds and their sustainable use held on September 27 & 28,2010

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Any person who has attained age of 18 years and who subscribed to the aims and objectives of the Trust and apply to become subscriber of the Trust on being admitted by the board of Trustees shall have powers to